Event jersey Personalised jersey Skota Titan Series Almeria
Bag Backpack included in the registration fee to carry personal belongings around the Titan Camp
Logistic support Bicycle transport to the start of the Titan &

Personal lugagge transport between stages.

Accommodation Accommodation between hotel and camps including tents, bed, towels, bathrooms and showers.
Meals and diets 100% of meals are included in the registration fee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner from the moment you enter to the camp until you return home

Race briefings Each evening, in the camp, a briefing is given for the next day’s stage, telling important information of the route and logistics
Race cars From the first participant to the last, vehicles are strategically positioned in the race to monitor the safety of all participants
Liquids refreshments during the race There will be refreshment stations during each stage with refreshing liquids to refill your water bottles and your camel back
Medic service A professional team of doctors is at the titans disposal before, during and after the race
Timekeeping All stages are timed and establish a ranking that can be followed live on the website
Geolocalization device For the safety of the cyclists, a geolocation device will be provided at the start of the Titan to each participant and must be kept on your camelback during all the stages
Race assistance insurance The registration fee includes Travel Assistance Insurance

Jaimas Each night (with the exception of the Marathon stage), there will be a 3-person jaima (tent) shared with your colleagues.

There will be a bed, pillows, towel and shower gel

Charging devices In the camp, despite being in the desert, there will be a place to charge any device next to the jaima
Hydration 5 x 1.5L bottles of water in addition to the race and the restaurant
Nursing service A team of doctors will attend to all medical emergencies during the race
Dinning room In the camp there is a dedicated area for lunch and dinner of the day.

It is an adventure, therefore, the food during the race has to be programmed for each Titan to be able to finish the stages

Wi-fi and Chill out area Area to relax and socialise with wifi access
Individual toilets, bathrooms and showers The camp has the necessary intimate facilities for washing and personal hygiene

Lunch and dinner After each stage, share the dinning room with the other riders and recover your energy
Event ranking The classifications of all categories are announced every day in the race briefings.
Finisher fossil When you cross the finish line in the last stage, you will receive, from the Titan Directors, your Finisher Fossil which certifies that you are a true TITAN and that you have completed the adventure
Closing and awards ceremony Before returning home, enjoy the last moments with the other riders, the volunteers and the organisation at the closing ceremony

Money back guarantee Apply at the time of registration – 120€
Photo pack It can be purchased when registering or later via the Manage your Registration section: 100€
License Mandatory for those who do not have a UCI licence* – 50€.

* Triathlon, mountain or any other non-UCI license will not be valid

Mechanical Assistance In order to take care of your bike after the long stages, we offer you our partners with whom you can contract mechanical assistance.
Massage Services In order to take care of your body and legs, we also have at your disposal our partners with whom you can book massages after each stage