The Titan Contact, consists of participating in the last two stages of the Skoda Titan Series Almería, we offer a starting point to those cyclists who want to discover the Titan world, in a version 60% shorter than the Titan Series. The Titan Contact format is also a challenge, an immersive adventure and with the same conditions as the rest of the titans who are participating in the test, a unique way to get into the Titan family!

Dates: The Titan Contact will take place from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 December 2021

Limited registrations: The 2 stages will be on December 11 and 12, exactly the last 2 stages of the Skoda Titan Series Almería. And to make your experience as immersive as possible, we have limited the number of participants in this format to 30 places.

All-inclusive price: € 445

RIDER’S PACK Event jersey Custom jersey Skoda Titan Series Almería
Bag A backpack included in the registration to transport personal effects around Camp Titan
Logistical support Transport of the Bicycle until the exit of the Titan
Transport of personal luggage between stage and stage
accommodation Accommodation alternating hotel and camps that include tent, bed, towels, bathrooms and showers
Meals and Diets 100% of the meals are included in the registration price. Breakfast, lunch and dinner from the moment you enter the camp until you return home
RACE SAFETY Career briefings Every night, at the camp, there is a briefing of the next day’s stage highlighting important information
Vehicles in the race From the first participant to the last there are race vehicles strategically positioned to control the safety of all participants
Liquid supplies in the race There will be refreshments during each stage with refreshing liquids with which you must fill your cans and your camel back
Medical service A professional team of doctors is at the disposal of the Titans before, during and after the Race
Timing All stages are timed and establish classifications that can be followed live from the website
Geolocation Device For the safety of the cyclists, when starting the Titan a geolocation device is given that must be kept on during all the days of the Race
Seguro de asistencia de viaje Travel assistance insurance
Camps Jaimas Every night, you will find a tent where you will sleep with the 2 people you have chosen to share.
In the tent you will find: bed, pillows, towel and shower gel
Device charging In the camp, despite being in the desert, there will be a place next to the tent to charge any device
Hydration 5 1.5L bottles of water outside Carrera and the restaurant
Nursing service A team of doctors will attend to all medical emergencies during the race
Dining room In the camp there is a space dedicated to lunch and dinner of the day. Once you enter the Titan camp, all meals are included.
It is an adventure, and therefore, the feeding in the race will have to be programmed as Titan to be able to finish the stages
WI-FI Chill out area Area where you can relax and socialize between cushions and poufs and with Wi-Fi access
Toilets and individual showers The camp has the intimate facilities necessary to wash up and do personal needs
Post Stage Food and dinner After each stage, share the dining room with the rest of the riders and regain energy
Event classification The classifications of all the categories are announced every day in the race briefings
Fossil Finisher When you cross the finish line in the last stage, you will receive, from the Titan Directorate, your Finisher Fossil that certifies that you are a true TITAN and you have completed the adventure
Closing ceremony and awards ceremony Before heading home, enjoy the last moments with the other riders, with the volunteers and with the organization at the closing ceremony
Additional Return guarantee Request at the time of registration – € 89
Photo pack It can be purchased when registering or later through the section manage your registration – € 79
Day license Mandatory for those who do not have a UCI license * – € 50
* Triathlon, mountain licenses or any other license that is not a UCI license will not be valid
Mechanical assistance We put at your disposal our partners with whom you can contract mechanical assistance
Massage service We also have at your disposal our partners with whom to contract massages

Friday, December 10: arrival at the Tabernas Desert
  • Arrival: You will arrive in Almería, at the Camp in Mini Hollywood located in the Tabernas Desert.
  • Check in: Dejaréis vuestra bici/ check in/ Pequeño Briefing – Tabernas , Mino Hollywood. 
  • Transfer vehículo: You must go with your vehicle to the Hotel El Toyo where you can park it. So you will have it ready on arrival on the 12th (approx 1 hour go and return)
  • Repatriation to the Camp: A bus from the organization will repatriate you to the Tabernas Desert
  • Briefing and Installation: You will attend the stage briefing, you can install yourself in your Haima and meet your colleagues who have already taken 2 stages.
  • Night: Dinner and night at Mini Hollywood’s Titan camp
Saturday 11 December: Stage 1 Titan Contact, incorporation to Stage 3
  • Stage: Same route, Hydration Stations and Passage Controls. Start 30 minutes behind your race companions
  • Prizes: There is no prize for the winner of this format
  • Briefing and Meals: Briefing and lunch at Mini Hollywood camp
  • Night: Dinner at Mini Hollywood’s Titan Camp
Sunday December 12: Stage 2 Titan Contact, Stage 4 and last
  • Stage: Same route, Hydration Stations and Passage Controls. Start 30 minutes behind your fellow racers
  • Finisher: you will receive a slightly different fossil from your companions, but it will prove that you have already joined the Titan family
  • Awards: Attendance at the final award ceremony
  • End of the event: vehicle pick-up and return home